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Hi! My name is Anaïs. I founded ATrad Lab in 2014 and I am a translator, specialising in Professional Development.

About Me
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Do you work for a company and specialize in Training, Professional Development or Well-being at work?                 


Do you have content written in English or Spanish and you need to publish it to a French-speaking audience?               


The cultural differences between France and other countries can create stumbling blocks in terms of absorbing knowledge and acquiring new skills. Translation helps to drive rapid progress thanks to adapted, relevant and concise content. It also enhances your reputation as an employer. Translation isn't your core business, it's mine - so sit back, and let me take care of it!


Contact me using the form at the bottom of this page.


My services.

Specialised localisation

Specialised proofreading

Let me take care of the translation of your digital platforms and training materials. The professionally-translated content will be easy for learners to view and use. I translate from English and Spanish into French.

Have you designed support written in French?

Let me perform final checks before publishing it.
Thanks to careful checks and, when appropriate, optimization, your text will be faultless and enjoyable to read for your target market.


.I have expert knowledge of terminology in your sector.

.Localization consists of translating content while fully adapting it to the target culture. The objective is to ensure that the message is correctly conveyed, while reflecting the same emotions as the source language, without any misunderstandings. Localization takes into account the cultural needs and sensitivities of a region.

.Localization focuses on both the core text and the surrounding cultural context.

My checks help to:

.Eliminate spelling, grammar and typo mishaps

.Boost consistency

.Enhance clarity

.Create professional formatting  

You can request modifications after delivery, to ensure that the text meets your requirements.


“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” 

Steve Jobs

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